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Land disputes need not derail your real estate ownership plans. As a homeowner, renter, landlord, home buyer, or home seller, you have the right to possess, use, and enjoy your land.  We will help you preserve these rights, resolve boundary disputes, clear title defects, ensure access, and facilitate successful transfer of ownership.  We also assist both landlords and tenants with lease negotiations, taking the preliminary steps to create a productive and long-lasting landlord-tenant relationship.  If either parties' rights are violated or if disagreements arise, we are happy to mediate or file motions on your behalf and represent you during rent escrow, tenant holdover, failure to pay cases, and other eviction actions (plaintiff or defendant).  We  are also happy to review contracts for residential closings to ensure you make the most of your major investment. 



Title Abstracts and Examinations of Record | ​Land Use and Property Disputes | ​Contract Review |

Demand Notices  | Foreclosure Defense | ​Landlord-Tenant proceedings | ​Mediation resolving Housing Disputes


Take a preemptive step to keep your marriage happy and fair by establishing a prenuptial or even postmarital agreement to protect your assets.  A prenuptial agreement is the responsible way to say you care about your financial future as a couple and as individuals, and a postmarital agreement is a great way to resolve differences.  We also understand that divorce happens for a variety of reasons, and therefore we intend to make the process easy and stress-free.  As parents and caregivers, you want to make sure your children have the best environment in which to grow and thrive. We’ll help you determine the plan that is in your children’s best interest and move forward to securing their future. Whether this agreement can be resolved amicably between parents or it requires court intervention, we will stand by your side as mediator and advocate.


Pre/Post-Marital Agreements | ​Settlement Agreements | ​Alimony and Spousal Support | ​Divorce Proceedings |

Custody and Visitation Arrangements | ​Child Support | ​Division of Property | ​Military Pension | Mediation


Estate planning is critical, regardless of one's assets or perceived lack thereof. You possess more assets than you know; we can help you and your loved ones protect your long term interests.  However, 60% of Americans do not have a will.  Wills allows you to age peacefully and with dignity and honors the path forward by documenting your true intent.  You deserve the security of knowing that your health care and financial affairs will be handled purposefully throughout and after life, so your legacy will live on building generational wealth.  


Living Wills | ​Advance Medical Directives | Financial Powers of Attorneys |

Last Living Testament | Work-related Beneficiary Documents



We assist you with growing your small business by transforming your big ideas into the fullest expression of all they are supposed to become.  Let us research and outline the risks and liabilities inherent to your business model. It is essential to evaluate the costs and advantages.  We will propose terms for contractual agreements with independent contractors performing services and for product advertising and sales.  Let us review and revise terms, draft fully developed plans, and counsel you in achieving your entrepreneurship goals.


Contract Negotiations, Drafting, and Review |

Business Proposals | Business Planning

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